Nintendo Switch’s “2022 Annual Download Ranking” Announced

switch 2022

Nintendo has released the “2022 Annual Download Ranking” for the Nintendo Switch.

No.1 is the latest title of the popular shooter! The top ranking is the latest title of a popular shooter!
The most interesting No. 1 is “Splatoon 3,” which was released on September 9.

The latest title in Nintendo’s popular “Splatoon” shooter series ranked first place.

Even after its release, the game has been enjoying great excitement with festivals and a new season.

Following in second place is “Pokémon LEGENDS Arceus,” which went on sale on January 28.

Third place went to “Pokémon Violet,” released on November 18.

Pokémon Scarlet” came in at No. 4. Several “Pokémon” games ranked high in the list.

Monster Hunter Rise” with the new “Sun Break” came in at No. 5,

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe” came in at No. 8 with its new “Course Addition Pass,” and some titles saw an increase in downloads due to additional content.

Kirby Discovery” came in at No. 6, and “Nintendo Switch Sports” at No. 7.

Xenoblade 3” at No. 10, while “Overcooked 2” came in at No. 9, showing its continued popularity.

The “2022 Annual Download Ranking” lists up to No. 30.

Please be sure to check the ranking as there are many other titles ranked in addition to those listed above.

The ranking period is from January 1, 2022 to December 20, 2022.

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switch 2022

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