Mint releases a special coin set commemorating 25 years of “ONE PIECE” serialization, accepting orders from the 26th.

one piece 25th coin

The Mint announced on August 25 that it will sell a special coin set commemorating the 25th anniversary of the serialization of the popular manga “ONE PIECE” in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. The offer will be accepted from August 26 to August 15.

 The mirror-finished proof coin set, priced at 15,500 yen (including postage), will consist of 30,000 pieces and will include the current coins (1-500 yen) and a silver medal with Luffy embossed in relief against a blue sky in a leather case. The coin set, which includes a tan bronze medal with the symbol of the “Straw Hat Gang” formed by Luffy, is priced at 2,900 yen (including shipping) for 80,000 pieces. The set is available at the Mint’s online store or by postcard.

Since it is one per person, there will be a lottery.
I applied for the 15500 yen one and the 2900 yen one.

You have to create an account with Mint first, but you don’t need a credit card number or anything, just apply!

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one piece 25th coin

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