From “ONE PIECE FILM RED”, Luffy & Uta appear on the cover of the September extra issue of “MORE” magazine!

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Shueisha will release the September extra issue of “MORE” magazine on July 28. The price is 860 yen (tax included). In conjunction with the issue, it was revealed that Luffy and Utah, the world’s diva of song, who appears in “ONE PIECE FILM RED,” will be depicted on the magazine’s cover with a visual newly drawn for the movie version.

 In the movie “ONE PIECE FILM RED” scheduled to be released on August 6, Luffy in his original festival costume and Utah, the world diva who is the daughter of Shanks and holds a major key to the story, will appear in the cover of the September issue of “MORE” magazine, with a visual newly drawn for the movie version.

 Luffy and Utah have known each other since childhood. The relationship between the two, as well as the relationship between Uta and Shanks, has been the focus of much attention among fans.

This issue’s cover features a visual filled with a sense of transparency and is enveloped in a gentle light. What is it that the two, back-to-back, are each gazing at ……? The magazine features interviews with Ado, the singer of Uta, and Yuki Yamada, the actor who plays the original character in the movie. The interviews are filled with the charms of “ONE PIECE FILM RED”.

 The special appendix features a special notebook with a summery border design of Luffy in his festival costume and Utah, the diva. The special binding appendix has stickers with the names of the Straw Hat gang, Uta, and Shanks. The appendix is also included in the regular issue. However, the special edition does not.

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