Shooting game masterpiece “Gradius” for NES

gradius shooting game

I played “Gradius” on the NES!
I tried to play “Gradius” this time.

Never even heard of the name …..!

I wonder what kind of game it is~ looking forward to it!

It looks like Galaga!
When I pressed the start button, I was first ejected into space.

Huh? Something about this looks like Galaga!

My mother loved Galaga, so I had played it a few times on the Wii, and I thought the planes, the enemies, and the overall atmosphere were just like Galaga.

It’s harder than Galaga: …… But interesting.
When I played it, I found Gradius more difficult than Galaga.

The fireballs fly pretty relentlessly, even early in the game, and it’s harder to see what’s ahead than in Galaga.

However, it is difficult to avoid enemies by just running away from them, because the screen is not just a fixed screen like in Galaga, with enemies raining down from above, but the screen is designed to advance on its own. This is where I found it very difficult.

The most difficult part was the volcano scene on the first page.

The movement of the erupting objects was too unpredictable, and they flew at you much faster than you could imagine. It was almost impossible not to get hit. It was so tough that I thought it was impossible not to get hit.

I struggled for about 30 minutes just to get through this part of the game. …… The sense of accomplishment I got when I cleared the game was irreplaceable!

The power-up feature, wow!
I was curious about the blue bar (power-up gauge?) at the bottom of the screen. I was curious about the blue bar (power-up gauge?) at the bottom of the screen, so I looked at the instruction manual.

(The design of the manual is really too cool …. I want to make a poster of it)

) “What! That’s too awesome.”

To begin with, there is such a thing as a power-up feature in this game!

And those mysterious capsules that you used to get when you defeated enemies, I thought they were just to increase your score, but they can be used for power-ups ……! I was very impressed.

I wish I could tell you that I had been playing hard for about an hour without looking at the manual.

Power-ups are what this game is all about. ……!

One of the things that impressed me the most was the “DOUBLE”.

I can’t believe I can beam in two directions and take down enemies on the ceiling that have been bothering me so much. ……

Groundbreaking……! Plus, it’s so much fun that you can combine and evolve whatever you want!

But still, retro games are hard to play.
I could get to the second level if I tried hard enough, but the third level, especially the part where the moai appear, was too difficult for me, so I had to end it here once and for all.

Nah~ but personally, I feel like this was the most fun I’ve ever had playing one!

I just want to get stronger and see all the different enemies!

Ease of play ★★★★★
Harshness ★★★☆☆☆☆
Interesting ★★★★★


When the game starts, pause and press “up, up, down, left, right, left, right, BA”!

I decided to put it into practice.

What! I got a whole bunch of skills!”

I didn’t know there was such a backstage trick: …….

I think I can clear the third plane with this.

I was happy to see such a detailed backstage setting, and thinking that this is one more good thing about retro games, I became a little more interested in retro games.


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gradius shooting game

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