I have a question about Pokemon about strategy sites

pokemon question

I often read on strategy sites such as the Internet about personality correction and careful selection of characteristics, but is it better to do so when playing?
I basically catch the Pokémon I want, but does it interfere with my playing?

I think you can beat the Champion by raising your Pokémon’s level and considering its compatibility, no matter which Pokémon you choose.

For those who want to play against other players (battle Pokémon with other players), careful selection is an essential element, so it is often mentioned.

In the case of Scarlet Violet and Violet in this work, there is something called Tera Raid, and the Pokémon that appear in Tera Raid (☆5 and ☆6) are strong, so you need to carefully select not only type affinity but also personality and characteristics, and set effort values properly before taking on Tera Raid.
The difficulty level of Tera Raid is even higher when it is an event Tera Raid.

Therefore, if you want to catch various event-only Pokémon in Tera Raid, it is better to set their personalities and effort values properly.

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pokemon question

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