“Mario Strikers Battle League” First Free Update Delivery Date Announced!

mario strikers battle league

Nintendo will release the first free update (Ver. 1.1.0) for the Nintendo Switch action “Mario Strikers Battle League” on July 22. In addition, the contents that will be added in the update were also revealed.

 The first update will feature new characters, gears, and stadiums.

 Two more free updates are planned for this title by the end of 2022. Each update will include new characters, gear, and stadiums, just like the first update. Details will be released as they become available.

New characters will join the game!
Introduction of new characters


 ”Daisy” is a hard-hitting technical player with high technical parameters, physicality, and passing ability. She plays an active offensive and defensive role by keeping the ball and passing the ball.

Hey Ho

 ”Hei Ho” is a balanced type with all the parameters distributed at the same level. He can change his type depending on how he chooses his gear. It is also possible to register multiple players on one team in free battles and cup battles.

New Gear “Knight Gear”

 ”Gear” allows players to customize the appearance and abilities of their characters. Each piece of gear has different abilities that can be powered up, and parameters can be changed by changing the combination of gear equipped on the head, arms, body, and legs.

 When equipped with the newly added “knight gear,” which looks like a knight, the player’s physical and shooting parameters increase, while other parameters decrease. This gear is recommended for attack-oriented teams.

New stadium “Desert Ruin”

 A new stadium, “Desert Ruin,” with the appearance of ruins and deserts, will be added. It can be set up for competition as well as for club stadiums.

mario strikers battle league

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mario strikers battle league

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