What do you think is the most popular Famicom game of all time?

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The Family Computer (Famicom), released in the late 1980s, is still beloved by many people today. Here are some popular Famicom games:

  1. Super Mario Bros. released in 1985, is known as one of the representative games of the Famicon. The player controls the character Mario to adventure through eight worlds and rescue the princess. The simple and straightforward rules, as well as puzzle elements and battles with enemy characters in each stage, have made it popular for many years.

2. Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation Dragon Quest III is an RPG released in 1988, and is the third installment of the popular series. The player raises the main character and their companions, and advances the adventure to save the world by fighting various monsters. It is a masterpiece with high graphics, music, and story, and has gained great support from RPG fans.

3. The Legend of Zelda is an action-adventure game released in 1986, where the player controls the protagonist Link to defeat the demon king Ganon in the Hyrule kingdom. The game features a variety of elements, such as puzzles, item collection, and battles, which combined to make the gameplay attractive, and later became a popular series.

4. Final Fantasy Final Fantasy is an RPG released in 1987, and is a popular series worldwide, including in Japan. The player raises the main characters and advances the adventure to save the world. It has high graphics, music, and story that exceeded the technology level of the time.

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famicon popular

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