Which anime do you recommend? I love anime like Brain Battles.

What anime do you recommend?

No Game No Life

An older brother who is good at negotiating and a younger sister who is a mathematical genius,

In other brain games, the characters try to outsmart their opponents based on how they behave,
In this work, the main character makes a single move to defeat his opponent without changing his strategy, and I think it is the pinnacle of brain games.

The Tempest of Zetsuen

A boy swears revenge on his sister, who was killed by someone, and is washed up on a remote island with the help of the most powerful wizard in history.
A boy swears revenge and has no choice but to follow him,
A boy who has no choice but to follow a hostile wizard and a giant tree, each with their own conflicting agendas.

The story is a battle of wits, evidence denying evidence denying evidence,
The two-turns-and-three-turns development and the dense deductions are great, and I highly recommend it.

Rokka no Yusha

Six heroes were chosen to defeat a demon god.
However, only seven of them came together.
In other words, one of them has an enemy.

In the midst of all this, someone had taken it upon himself to activate the Warding to prevent the invasion of the evil demons,

I thought it was an adventure fantasy, but then the mysteries started to unravel,
The story is like a wargame where you have to find out who the enemy is while being suspicious of the game.

Heavy Object

In an age when the nature of warfare has been changed by “objects,” super-sized weapons.
It is said that all victories and defeats are decided by battles between objects,

The film is a battlefield, but it is interspersed with American comedy, which makes you laugh.

Spiral – Bond of Reasoning

The brother who was said to be the brain of God disappears somewhere,

The anime is good, but I would rather recommend the original work.

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What anime do you recommend?

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