Early Characters from ‘One Piece’ Return to the Main Story After About 25 YearsCharacters Absent for Over 20 Years Appear in the Final Arc!

one piece characters

In ‘ONE PIECE,’ characters who were active in the early stages of the story are known to reappear after a long time. Especially in the currently ongoing “Egghead Arc,” many familiar faces have been showing up, leaving fans hardly any time to relax. In Chapter 1117, published in the June 17, 2024 issue of “Weekly Shonen Jump,” a shocking development unfolded with a character reappearing “after about 25 years.”

This article contains spoilers for content not yet included in ‘ONE PIECE’ Volume 108.

In this episode, “Mont Blanc Cricket,” a key figure from the “Skypiea Arc,” makes an appearance. As a descendant of “Liar Noland,” Cricket was striving to prove the existence of the Golden City and Skypiea. Later, he and his comrades, the “Saruyama Alliance,” set out to sea to search for a new romantic venture, “Nakrowa (Dream Land).”

Their journey seems to be ongoing, as the latest chapter depicts Mont Blanc Cricket and the “Saruyama Alliance” members “Shoujou” and “Masira” traveling in the “Grand Line.” Intriguingly, a shadow resembling “Scratchmen Apoo” can be seen behind them, piquing readers’ curiosity.

Additionally, another panel depicts what appears to be the “Krieg Pirates,” who first appeared in the “East Blue Arc.” The trio includes “Don Krieg,” his subordinate “Gin,” and the impenetrable “Pearl.”

The large man on the far right seems to be equipped with parts of Krieg’s trademark giant spear, “Great Battle Spear,” on his shoulder, while the smaller man next to him resembles Gin with his headband and tracksuit-like attire.

Though their appearances have changed significantly, making identification difficult, Pearl’s presence is a definitive clue. His peculiar look, with a bowling ball-like object on his head and a giant round shield on his torso, is unmistakable.

Given Pearl’s appearance, it is highly likely that the duo in the same panel are Krieg and Gin.

After losing to Luffy, Krieg and his crew had been missing for over 20 years, but now they seem to be on the pirate island “Hachinosu.” “Hachinosu” is known to be under the influence of “Blackbeard,” or “Marshall D. Teach,” raising questions about their relationship.

In a previous episode, Chapter 1115, several “nostalgic characters” made appearances. “Demaro Black,” who impersonated Luffy on the “Sabaody Archipelago,” along with former Baroque Works agents “Miss Goldenweek,” “Miss Merry Christmas,” and “Miss Valentine,” were depicted.

Interestingly, Demaro Black, while in prison, was pretending to be “Eustass Kid,” which amused fans who commented, “After Luffy, now he’s imitating Kid (laugh)” and speculated, “If he did Luffy and Kid, will Law be next?”

Moreover, the “Foxy Pirates,” who left a strong impression in the “Davy Back Fight Arc,” have reappeared after about 20 years. However, it seems they have lost most of their crew, with only “Foxy,” “Porche,” and “Hamburg” seen drifting on a shabby ship, evoking a sense of melancholy.

So far, most of the returning characters have only made brief appearances and have not significantly impacted the storyline. Whether they will have active roles in the future remains to be seen, and fans eagerly await further developments.

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one piece characters

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