Non-credit OP/ED videos from “LUPIN ZERO,” the anime of “Lupin the Third” are now available.

Lupan Zero

The new spin-off anime “LUPIN ZERO” of “Lupin the Third” will reach its final episode on January 13, 2023.

To coincide with this, non-credit opening and ending videos have been released.

“LUPIN ZERO” is a new six-episode anime that depicts the boyhood of the world-traveling thief Lupin III.

The work, which began distribution on DMM TV last December, is characterized by its setting in Japan in the 1960s, a time of rapid economic growth.

The opening and ending images released this time are based on the content of the anime, and have both a new and nostalgic feel.

The opening song is “AFRO “LUPIN’68,” composed by Takeo Yamashita, who worked on “Lupin the Third Part 1.

The arrangement is by Otomo Yoshihide, who is also known for his work on the TV drama “Amachan” and the animated film “Inu-Oh,” creating a collaboration of new and old talents.

The video itself also shows a strong respect for the “PART 1” era, with the title card at the beginning of the film and the use of many stop-motion pictures.

On the other hand, it is refreshing to see not only scenes of a glittering city, but also scenes of a developing city in the midst of its high-growth period.

The ending of the film is even more reminiscent of “PART 1” with the image of Lupin and Dimentoku riding their motorcycles against the setting sun. In the background, a factory area emitting black smoke can be seen, which is also full of the atmosphere of the high-growth period.

The music is “Lupin III Theme Song II. The song was also composed by Takeo Yamashita and arranged by Yoshihide Otomo, but sung by singer-songwriter Tabito Nanao, giving it a unique feel.


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Lupan Zero

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