The free distribution of all 700 episodes of “NARUTO” will begin on December 18 in sequence.

naruto manga free

From December 18, all episodes of the manga “NARUTO” will be released free of charge! 

Until the end of January, all 700 episodes including Gaiden will be sequentially released on “JUMP+” and “Zeblack”. Let’s read Naruto every day from now on.

 According to the official website of the work, all “Naruto” episodes will be distributed for free for about a month and a half on “Jump+” and Shueisha’s e-book service “Zeblack” in commemoration of the “Naruto Top 99” popularity vote, in which people from all over the world can participate.

In addition, approximately 40 episodes of the sequel “BORUTO” will also be distributed free of charge.

December 18 – 23: “NARUTO” episodes 1 – 117

Dec. 24 – Dec. 30: “NARUTO” episodes 118 – 238 plus outside story (episodes 239 – 244)

Dec. 31-Jan. 15: “NARUTO” episodes 245-514

January 16 – January 31: “NARUTO” episodes 515 – 700

February 1 to February 15: “BORUTO” episodes 1 to 39

 Incidentally, Zeblack is also currently offering “BLEACH” and “HUNTER x HUNTER” free of charge in sequence, which will also continue until early January.

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naruto manga free

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