The world mourns as “Pokemon” protagonist changes, Satoshi retires.

pokemon satoshi

New information about the popular anime “Pokemon” (official abbreviation: Anipoke, broadcast every Friday from 6:55 p.m. on TV Tokyo) was announced on April 16.

It was decided that a new series with a different main character will be broadcast from April 2023, and that the final chapter of the story of the current main characters Satoshi and Pikachu, “Pokemon: Mezase Pokemon Master,” will be broadcast from January 13, 2023.

This has led to a number of lamentations on the Internet, such as “I’m going to miss them…” and “If it’s not Satoshi and Pikachu, it’s not a Pokemon! and “If it’s not Satoshi and Pikachu, it’s not a Pokemon!

 The new series will be a new dream and adventure set in the entire Pokémon world, and today’s world premiere video also unveils the two new main characters, a girl named Rico and a boy named Roy.

 They will be joined in their adventures by many Pokémon, including Nyaha, Hogeta, and Kwassu, three Pokémon that appeared in the latest “Pokémon: Scarlet Violet” game for Nintendo Switch.

In addition, there is a legendary Pokémon of a different color, Black Recuza…. Further information will be announced in the future.

 In April 1997, Satoshi and Pikachu left Masara Town and entered the world of “Pokemon.

In the process of meeting and battling with many friends, Satoshi’s goal has always been to become a “Pokémon Master,” which he has longed for.

 In “Pokémon: Mezase Pokémon Master,” to be broadcast from January 13, 2023, the adventures of Satoshi and Pikachu as they pursue this impossible dream will be depicted over a total of 11 episodes (planned).

 In addition to Kasumi and Takeshi, with whom Satoshi once traveled together, the broadcast will feature Pokémon that Satoshi has formed strong bonds with and acquired in various regions. The adventures will be filled with excitement and excitement.

Message to viewers from the program’s official website

 In April 1997, Satoshi and Pikachu left Masara Town, met many Pokémon and people, made many friends, and continued their journey to the next town …….

We have been able to watch Satoshi and Pikachu’s adventures and growth until today because of the existence of all of you who have supported us. Thank you very much.

 From January to March 2023, we will broadcast “Pokémon: Mezase Pokémon Master,” a story about Satoshi and Pikachu, the winners, who find the answer to the question of what it means to be a “Pokémon Master” that Satoshi has been striving for. We will continue to support their adventures together with you.

 In April 2023, a new series will begin with two new main characters, Riko and Roy. The camera of the TV animation “Pokémon” will follow the adventures of the two. Please look forward to the new series.

 Finally, the program had a very difficult time deciding when and how to make this announcement, but we wanted to tell you today after you have witnessed one goal in Satoshi and Gou’s story.

 The entire staff of the program will continue to work hard so that everyone can enjoy the story of Pocket Monsters, which is full of dreams and adventures. Please look forward to the future development of the “Pokemon” animated television series.

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pokemon satoshi

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