“One Piece Film Red” 6th admission present “Visual Card Set”.

one piece film red

The “FILM RED Visual Card Set,” a set of postcards depicting famous scenes from Eiichiro Oda’s popular manga “ONE PIECE” (directed by Goro Taniguchi), will be distributed from October 15 as the sixth admission present for the new film animation “ONE PIECE FILM RED” (directed by Goro Taniguchi). The postcards, eight in all, will be distributed from October 15. The set includes 8 postcards in total, featuring not only famous scenes but also illustrations of Luffy, Uta, and Shanks drawn by Mr. Oda to commemorate the film’s international release. 2 of the 8 postcards are secret and depict Luffy and Shanks in the “hot last battle” of the film. Limited to 500,000 copies.

 From October 29, the seventh admission present, “Theatrical Limited One Piece Fruits 0000,” will be distributed. Details will be announced in the future.

6th admission present

 ”ONE PIECE” is a manga that depicts Luffy, a character with a straw hat whose arms, legs, and other parts stretch like rubber, as he and his friends venture across the ocean in pursuit of the Pirate King. This July marks the 25th anniversary of the series, which has sold more than 510 million copies worldwide. The TV animation started in October 1999 and reached 1,000 episodes in November 2021.

 In the movie version, Utah, a diva who has the world’s enthusiasm, appears in public for the first time in a live performance. Uta’s singing voice, which she delivers while concealing her true identity, is described as “otherworldly.” Fans from all over the world, including Luffy’s band, the pirates, and the Navy, fill the venue, looking forward to hearing her singing voice. The film opened in theaters on August 6 and has been a huge hit, grossing approximately 16.2 billion yen at the box office.


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one piece film red

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