“BUMP OF CHICKEN” premiered the music video for ‘SOUVENIR’, the OP theme song of ” SPY×FAMILY”.

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The music video for BUMP OF CHICKEN’s “SOUVENIR”, the opening theme song for the second season of the TV anime “SPY x FAMILY”, which began airing from 23:00 on 1 October on TV Tokyo and other channels, will premiere on 4 October (Tue) at 22:00.

 ’SOUVENIR’ is BUMP OF CHICKEN’s first new song in about six months, which was released for distribution on 2 September, and has been doing well on the various distribution charts and becoming a hot topic.

 The music video was directed by video director Spikey John, who is teaming up with BUMP OF CHICKEN for the first time, and prior to the music video, a fast-moving teaser video shot in time-lapse on the highway was released. We can’t wait to see what the full-length film will look like when it is released at night.

 Please also check out the MV for the opening theme song “SOUVENIR”, which is gaining momentum along with the second cool of the TV animation “SPY x FAMILY”, which has started airing.

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bump of chicken spyfamily

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