A work of art that combines all the volumes of “ONE PIECE” into one book is now available overseas. 21,450 pages are now in one book.

one piece one book

All of the “ONE PIECE” manga volumes published to date have been turned into a single book of 21,450 pages, with the price tag for the collection of 25 years of history being close to 300,000 yen.

The book is a work of art created for the purpose of collecting, not for actual reading, U.S. media Siliconera reported. In fact, it would be quite difficult to read, as it is nearly one meter long. Published by French publisher JBE Books, the book is limited to 50 copies and is priced at 1,900 euros (about 285,000 yen), a surprise even to hardcore “ONE PIECE” fans.
Described as “the world’s largest book,” the book is signed by artist Ilan Manouach, who created it as a work of art, and comes with a case printed with various famous scenes from the comics in full color.

Measuring approximately 11.5 cm x 18 cm x 80 cm and weighing approximately 16 kg, the book is available at the JBE Books online store.

The “ONE PIECE” manga and anime have both runs for over 1,000 episodes, but the series has yet to be completed. Although it is nearing completion, the author, Eiichiro Oda, has announced that he would take a break from the series in preparation for the final chapter. Considering that the serialization of “One Piece” began in 1997, he will probably need time to rest in order to prepare to complete the series. When the series is completed, will an even larger book be released by JBE Books?

The popularity of the “One Piece” series continues to grow and expand in many directions. Currently, Netflix is in the process of producing a live-action version of the series. The filming sets have been created to look amazing, even recreating the pirate ship from the original story. A trading card game has also just recently been released.

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one piece one book

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