“Mecha-Ude” Anime Project Starts! Comicalization of the anime starts and a video introducing the studio will also be shown.

Mecha-Ude anime

An animation project for ” Mecha-Ude,” which drew worldwide attention with its self-produced pilot version, has been announced. In addition, an advanced serialization of the comic book will begin on September 15, 2022. The video also features a close-up look at “TriF Studio,” which is responsible for the original story and production, and comments from the director and producer were also received.

“Mecha-Ude” is an original animation directed and drafted by animation artist “Okamoto,” who belongs to the up-and-coming animation production “TriF Studio” from Fukuoka, Japan.
The story centers on the adventures and battles of Hikaru, an ordinary junior high school student, and Alma, an “ude”-shaped mechanical life form called “Mecha-Ude” that can only operate by bonding with humans.

The “Mecha-Ude” project was initiated by the creator group “TriF” under the leadership of Okamoto, who also serves as the original planner and director. After raising funds for production through crowdfunding, a 25-minute “pilot episode” was completed in 2018 and released exclusively to supporters.
The production of a full-fledged anime series of ” Mecha-Ude” has now been decided. The anime project, which will unfold in a variety of ways, will finally begin.

As part of the anime project, a comic adaptation of the story of ” Mecha-Ude” will be serialized on “LINE Manga” and “ebookjapan” from September 15, prior to the release of the animation. The serialization will take place every other week. The story and supervision will be done by TriF Studio, and the artwork will be done by “Koyoka Yoshino,” who also worked on the “Aria: The Scarlet Bullet” comic.

In addition, a promotional video that takes a close look inside TriF Studio, the Fukuoka-based animation studio that handles MECHAUDE, has been released on the official TriF Studio YouTube channel.

In addition, comments from Director Okamoto, Animation Producer Shuichi Aso from TriF Studio, and Producer Tetsuya Kinoshita from Pony Canyon have also arrived at the start of the project.

The ” Mecha-Ude” comic book series will be serialized on “LINE manga” and “ebookjapan” from September 15, 2012. The first three episodes are available for free.

The full text of the comments is below.

Mekaude Original Story / Director: Okamoto (TriF Studio)

Thanks to all of you who supported us in the crowdfunding campaign and many others who have supported us, we will be able to depict the beginning, continuation, and end of the stories of the characters who played an active role in the pilot version! New Mecha-Ude and Mecha-Ude users will also be introduced.

I myself want to see more! I am delighted to be able to expand my view of the world and can’t wait to share it with you all. Enjoy!

Shuichi Aso, Animation Producer (TriF Studio)

Okamoto is a person of exceptional talent. I will never forget the illustration she showed me that day at an udon shop at lunchtime. That was the start of the independently produced animation “Mecha-Ude”. At last! It has been decided to make it into a series!
We are able to come this far thanks to all of you who have continued to believe in the potential of “Mekaude” since the first pilot version.
TriF Studio is currently working as hard as we can to bring you the world and story that Director Okamoto has created as soon as possible! Please stay tuned!

Producer Tetsuya Kinoshita (Pony Canyon)

I am very pleased to be participating in the Mekaude project.
After seeing the pilot version, I wanted to see more.
The more I heard about Mekaude from Director Okamoto, the more I thought so.
This is literally a story where mecha arms play a big role. Let’s enjoy it together!
Best regards!


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Mecha-Ude anime

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