“Pazudora” x “ONE PIECE” movie collaboration, new Yamato and Kaidou to appear!

one piece pazudora

 GungHo Online Entertainment has released details of the collaboration event with the movie “ONE PIECE FILM RED” in the Android/iOS puzzle RPG “Puzzle & Dragons” (hereafter, “Pazudora”).

 The collaboration event was already announced on August 3, but during the “Pazudora Official Broadcast” broadcast today, August 30, it was announced that in addition to Luffy, Zoro, and other members of the “Straw Hat Gang,” new characters Eustace Kid, Charlotte Ling Ling, Yamato, and Kaido will appear. This brings the total number of characters appearing in this collaborative event to 30.

 Other announcements included a Twitter campaign as well as skill productions limited to the collaboration characters.


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one piece pazudora

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