Soccer manga ” Aoashi” surpasses 15 million copies in total; the anime effect boosts sales by more than 5 million copies

aoashi soccer manga

The total number of copies of the soccer manga “Aoashi” has surpassed 15 million. According to a Shogakukan representative, the manga has sold more than 5 million copies since the anime began airing in April.

The manga, which has been serialized in Weekly Big Comic Spirits (Shogakukan) since 2015, tells the story of Ashito, a soccer boy living in Ehime, who is discovered for his ability and aims for the world as a “side back” in the J youth team.

It is a popular work that has been the subject of numerous soccer-related collaborations, including a soccer TV show and a joint project with the J-League, and depicts the adolescence of high school students striving to become professionals in the J-League youth soccer team.

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aoashi soccer manga

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