“ONE PIECE FILM RED” Gains Momentum! Mobilization of 8.2 million people and box-office revenue surpassed 11.4 billion, making it the top film for four consecutive weeks!

one piece film red

The nationwide movie attendance rankings for August 27 and 28 were announced. The momentum of “ONE PIECE FILM RED” (currently in theaters), which surpassed the 10 billion yen mark at the box office on August 25, the 20th day after its release, has accelerated even further. This week, “ONE PIECE FILM RED” (currently in theaters) continued to gain momentum, topping the box office for the fourth consecutive week by a wide margin.

“ONE PIECE FILM RED” already surpassed “Top Gun Maverick”!

This week, “ONE PIECE FILM RED” maintained the top spot in the film’s attendance ranking with 832,000 viewers and 1.209 billion yen in box-office revenue for the two-day period on Saturday and Sunday, thanks in part to the “ONE PIECE” Comics Volume 4/4″ UTA, the third admission gift distributed from August 27. UTA,” the third admission gift distributed from August 27, succeeded in greatly surpassing the previous week’s record of 559,000 mobilized and 818 million yen in box office receipts.

The cumulative total of “ONE PIECE FILM RED” during its 23-day run reached 8.2 million viewers and 11.454 billion yen in box-office revenue. Top Gun Maverick” (currently in theaters), which also ranked fourth this week, has already surpassed the film in terms of attendance with a total of 7.44 million viewers and box-office revenue of 11.8 billion yen. The fierce dead heat between “The Sky” and “The Sea” will be one to keep an eye on.


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one piece film red

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