“ONE PIECE FILM RED” Ado’s singing scene draws mixed reviews

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The movie “ONE PIECE FILM RED,” which opened on August 6, drew an audience of 1.57 million and grossed over 2.25 billion yen in its first two days on Saturday and Sunday. At this pace, the film is on track to surpass the 10 billion yen mark, surpassing “ONE PIECE FILM Z,” which recorded the highest box office gross of the series at 6.87 billion yen.

 The main character in this film is Utah, a singer and the “daughter” of the popular “Four Emperors” character Shanks. Ado, the “diva of 2025,” known for her song “Sassuwa,” was in charge of the singing scenes, but despite the rocket start, the reviews on movie websites have been very rough.

“Despite the rocket’s start, reviews of the film on movie websites have been very rough.”

“I’m not an Ado fan, so the singing scenes made me sick to my stomach.”

The singing scene, which is one of the highlights of the film, has been the subject of what could be called a “festival of criticism,” with comments such as, “The song is too complicated and stylish for today’s times.

If you go to see the movie expecting to see “RED,” which is a reference to “Shanks the Red-Haired,” you will be disappointed by the lack of scenes in which Shanks appears. In addition, you are forced to listen to seven songs by Ado. So, it seems that many people were fed up with it.

  “Will the people who are going to see the musical “FILM Ado” enjoy it?
The answer, I think, is for you to decide. I like Ado.

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one piece ado

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