”One Piece Film Red” Second admission present: the popular “ONE PIECE Card Game” tutorial deck.

one piece movie card

The popular “ONE PIECE Card Game Tutorial Deck” will be distributed as an admission present for “ONE PIECE FILM RED” (directed by Goro Taniguchi), the new animated film version of Eiichiro Oda’s popular manga “ONE PIECE”, from August 13, 2012. The limited edition deck of the popular card game “ONE PIECE Card Game” will be given away, limited to 500,000 packs.

 The tutorial deck to be distributed includes a total of 40 cards of 15 different characters. Mr. Oda drew the uta on the package. The card lineup includes Luffy, Uta, and Shanks from the movie version visuals, as well as a newly drawn Ben Beckman. Uta’s leader card is said to be a powerful card that works well with the high firepower of Shanks and the highly mobile Luffy.

 In the movie version, Uta, the diva that has the world in a frenzy, will appear in public for the first time in a live performance. Uta’s singing voice, which she delivers while concealing her true identity, is described as “otherworldly.”

Fans from all over the world, including Luffy’s band, the pirates, and the Navy, fill the venue, looking forward to hearing her singing voice. Then it is discovered that Uta is the daughter of Shanks.

This is the second time, let’s go to the cinema.

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one piece movie card

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