Broadcast of movie-linked episodes of TV anime “ONE PIECE”

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In commemoration of the release of the film animation “ONE PIECE FILM RED,” a movie-linked episode will be broadcast on the TV animation “ONE PIECE” for two weeks on August 14 and 21.

 In “ONE PIECE FILM RED” released on August 6, the story begins with the shocking revelation that the world diva Uta is Luffy’s childhood friend and Shanks’ daughter. In the movie, the days that Luffy, Uta, and Shanks spent in Fusha Village are depicted as reminiscences, but in the linked episode to be broadcast on TV, the story of how Luffy met Uta, Shanks, and the Red-Haired Pirates will be revealed.

TV episodes

 In addition, Zoro and Nami in their childhood and many other nostalgic characters appear in the linked episodes. The story of the Straw Hat Pirates’ journey to the music island of Eresia, where “ONE PIECE FILM RED” takes place, will also be depicted.

 The TV anime “ONE PIECE” airs every Sunday at 9:30 a.m. Episodes 1029, which will air on August 14, and 1030, which will air on August 21, will be movie-linked episodes.

I can’t wait to see the movie.

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one piece rings

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