“Dragon Ball Z” – The real dragon! Giant Porunga of 280mm in height! The summoning scene by Dende can be reproduced!

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From the TV anime “Dragon Ball Z” comes a 280mm-tall figure of Porunga & Dende from the “S.H.Figuarts” series. The summoning scene of Porunga can also be reproduced, allowing you to enjoy the overwhelming power of the figure. The figure is now available for pre-order from Premium Bandai.

“Dragon Ball” was serialized by Akira Toriyama in “Weekly Shonen Jump” in 1984 and supported the magazine’s golden era. In 2022, a new movie “Dragon Ball Super Hero” was released in June.

In 2022, a new movie, “Dragon Ball Super Hero,” will be released in June.
New goods such as figurines have appeared one after another, and the Dragon Ball series is loved all over the world.

The Dragon Ball series is loved all over the world.

The S.H.Figuarts series “Porunga & Dende: Hikaru Dragon Ball Set – De Deyo Honjo no Shinryu! -can also be used to recreate a scene from “Dragon Ball Z” on the Namek Planet. Porunga, who appears as Dende chants “Takkaraputoporunga Pupilit Palo,” has a moveable jaw and arms, and also comes with replaceable wrists to recreate the scene in the movie. Dende also comes with a replaceable head and wrists, making it possible to recreate the scene where Porunga is summoned.

The S.H.Figuarts series also features a sound and light emitting gimmick, and an NFC reader is built into the base for the Dragon Ball. The Dragon Balls and Dende have NFC tags built into them, and when the Dragon Balls and Dende are placed on the Dragon Ball pedestal, the seven Dragon Balls light up!

■S.H.Figuarts “Porunga & Dende: Hikaruuru Dragon Ball Set – Ideyo Honjo no Shinryu! -“
Contents: Polunga, Polunga replacement left wrist, Polunga replacement right wrist, Dende, Dende replacement wrist, Dende replacement head, Namek Dragon Balls (one to seven star balls), Polunga stand, Dragon Ball stand
Material: ABS, PVC
Batteries: AA batteries x 3 (sold separately)
Size: approximately 280mm in height
Price: 28,600 yen (tax included)
Scheduled shipping date: December 2022

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dragonball figures

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