“Godzilla-1.0” 3 highlights Director Takashi Yamazaki’s direct hit Nov.3 release! The masterpiece of the 70th anniversary of the birth

godzilla-1.0 movie

The latest series in 7 years, the movie “Godzilla-1.0 (Minus One)” was released on the 3rd. Set in post-war Japan, which has become a scorched earth, apart from starring Ryunosuke Kamiki (30) and others, it was wrapped in a veil of secrecy until the first day of the Godzilla 70th anniversary masterpiece. We directly hit director Takashi Yamazaki (59), who also wrote the script and VFX (CG), and approached three highlights of “Godzilla + 3”.

Takashi Yamazaki

① The worst stage setting in history

It depicts the attack of Godzilla, which further pushes down Japan, which was defeated and became zero. Director Yamazaki described the battle as “a setting that paints despair over despair”. He was particular about introducing Godzilla in an era when there were no weapons.

“How to create an impossible situation is the key to the movie. I thought it was cinematic to have to defeat it somehow without weapons. The battleships were also disarmed and there was no hand. I thought with a military adviser, “What means do you have?” And it became this form.”

He has worked on war movies such as “Eternal Zero” and “The Great War of Archimedes”, and said, “I wanted to bring it to my own arena. I know the era well, so I wonder if there is a chance there.” He also explained. There are also surprise elements that tickle the mania’s heart.

② Royal Road Godzilla

The visual of Godzilla is The Royal Road. In the candidate stage, various ideas came out, but he returned to the figure that everyone imagined.

“There was one that looked slim and agile, one that had abnormally grown fins and had a forest-like back, and one that I thought for a while was affected by a hydrogen bomb on the left side and only the left side was crushed. The face is white or round or I experimented a lot, but after three days I repeated “It’s different”. I think I’ve thought about 20 kinds,” he reveals.

He also directed the video of the attraction “Godzilla The Ride” at Seibu Yuenchi, and the theme at that time was “This is Godzilla”. “We made our own Godzilla at the time of the ride. I thought a lot, but I couldn’t beat the ride, so I decided to go with the royal road,” he explained.

③ Body sensation movie

It will be released in all special screenings with higher fees than usual, such as 4DX, and it will be screened for the first time in Japanese movies with “ScreenX”, where images flow on the side. He expects that “I aimed for a movie that can be experienced and a movie that brings back audiences to theaters, so I want you to soak in it with your whole body.”

What is emphasized is “the closeness of Godzilla”. He built up the situation in reverse and said, “I wanted to get Godzilla closer. Face and legs are also thinking about situations from how to get closer.” He emphasized immersion.

There is also a secret in his voice, which was recorded at ZOZO Marine Stadium. He played Godzilla’s voice from a speaker, echoed it in the stadium, and re-recorded it. Mr. Yamazaki said with a smile, “It seems that a phone call came from the neighborhood saying,” A monster is crying! ” But he nodded, saying, “You can add reverberation sound mechanically, but live sound is completely different.”

The Royal Road Godzilla appears in the worst situation, and the audience experiences fear as well as the main characters. It has also been decided to be released in North America in December.

The Godzilla experience spreads to the world.

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godzilla-1.0 movie

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