Anime “Major” protagonist Shigeno Goro trending! WBC final, 9th inning showdown between Ohtani and Trout making waves.

Anime "Major" protagonist Shigeno Goro trending!

On Twitter today, March 22nd, the name of the protagonist of the anime “Major,” Shigeno Goro, is trending.

This is related to the final of the World Baseball Classic 2023, which was held today.

In the final of WBC2023, Japan and the United States faced off, with Japan winning the championship by a single point after an intense battle.

The matchup between Shohei Ohtani and Mike Trout in the 9th inning has become a hot topic, as it reminds people of the matchup between Shigeno Goro and Joe Gibson Jr. from the anime “Major,” leading to the trending of his name on Twitter.

In addition, due to their walk-off victory in the semifinals and their “undefeated championship” in this tournament, the phrase “protagonist of a manga” has also trended.

Twitter trends have become dominated by WBC-related keywords, and there is a widespread sense of jubilation on social media, with Japan winning their first championship in 14 years.


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Anime "Major" protagonist Shigeno Goro trending!

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