Pinocchio’s Wish Really Came True

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“Pinocchio,” the fantasy film about a wooden doll named Pinocchio who dreams of becoming a real child, has been loved by people of all ages since it was first released in 1940.

The live-action film version of the animated film, which has been loved by all generations since its release in 1940, was made into a live-action movie on September 8, 2010, and became available on Disney Plus, Disney’s official video distribution service, as an all-you-can-watch exclusive service in Japan and the United States simultaneously.

The film has already been receiving a lot of moving feedback, such as “Pinocchio is so cute when he moves,” and “The beautiful images and nostalgic storyline are so heartwarming. (Spoilers are included below.)

“Pinocchio” is also famous for its famous song “When You Wish Upon a Star.

The classic animated film “Pinocchio” is the second Disney animated feature film following “Snow White” (released in 1937), and has a long history. This live-action adaptation follows the success of “Beauty and the Beast” (2017) and “Aladdin” (2019), both of which were fully-fledged productions.

Pinocchio, a wooden doll carved by an eccentric old man, Geppetto (Tom Hanks), who lives alone and lonely, is brought to life by a fairy, the Blue Fairy, who casts a spell on him.

Pinocchio comes to life, and despite the worries of Zepetto, who is surprised to see Pinocchio come to life, Pinocchio innocently struggles to become a “real human child”. Jiminy Cricket, a drifter cricket, is Pinocchio’s “conscience” who tries to guide him by teaching him right and wrong, but Pinocchio is beset with all kinds of temptations and trials. In order to fulfill his wish to become the son of Geppetto, Pinocchio goes on a great adventure.

The famous song “When You Wish Upon a Star” was born from “Pinocchio” and won the Best Song and Best Songwriting at the 1940 Academy Awards. The song is played at the opening of all Disney movies, which should ring a bell with anyone who hears it.

It sticks with adults! A story of yesteryear

Pinocchio, the innocent character, is on an adventure in a fantastical world with a beautiful melody. This is a film with a worldview that is right in the middle of Disney’s world of dreams and magic, and it is a straightforward world that should be remembered by those who were once children, but have long since forgotten the story of the cartoon.

The more mature you are, the more you will be moved by the sight of Zephyr, who is surprised but happy to see Pinocchio, who is able to move by magic. Also, when the Blue Fairy tells Pinocchio that in order to become a human child, he must learn to distinguish between good and bad, and when you look at Pinocchio’s clear-eyed face, you may want to ask yourself, “Am I doing something bad…? It is proof that you are walking the path of a human being.

The smooth CG technology and the beautifully detailed visuals that depict the world are also well-received. The powerful scene at the end of the film, when Pinocchio is pinned down in the sea, is also a sight to behold.


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pinocchio video

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