“One-Punch Man” Announced for Third Anime Season; Remake of “Garou” Arc Completed

one-punch man third

The third season of the TV anime “One-Punch Man,” based on the manga of the same name by manga artist ONE, will be produced, and a teaser visual was revealed on the official Twitter page of the anime updated in August 18.

“One-Punch Man” is a tale of a man named Saitama, who started heroing as a hobby and can defeat even the strongest enemies with a single punch, without really showing his true strength. The work has become a topic of conversation not only in Japan but also in France, where it received great acclaim, and it is being adapted into an anime TV series in 2015 and 2019.

The teaser visual released on the anime’s official Twitter page depicts Saitama and his powerful enemy Garou standing back to back and was drawn by Kubota Oyoshi, who was in charge of character design for the first and second seasons of the TV anime. Further information about the third anime season will be announced on the official website and SNS as needed.


 The “My Neighbor Young Jump” version of “One-Pan Man,” which is drawn by manga artist Yusuke Murata, concluded its Garou chapter in the August 18 issue. The announcement of the third season of “One-Pan Man” was greeted with many questions on the Internet, such as “How far will they go in the third season? “Does the timing of the announcement mean they intend to finish it all? I’m thrilled to see that battle in anime,” and so on.


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one-punch man third

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