”ONE PIECE FILM RED” collaborates with Thank you Mart! 29 items of ONE PIECE goods on sale!

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In commemorating the release of “ONE PIECE FILM RED,” the latest theatrical version of “ONE PIECE,” Thank you Mart is offering collaborative items. A total of 29 items with limited visuals of the movie will be released.

The new film “ONE PIECE FILM RED,” which will be released on August 6, 2022, depicts the new adventures of Luffy and his friends, centering on the world diva “Uta,” an original character designed by Oda for the film.

Specializing in items priced at 390 yen (429 yen including tax), Thank you Mart is the place to go. The collaboration will feature limited visuals of the movie, including the main character Luffy, the new character Uta, and the key person in the story, the red-haired Shanks, and will be available from August 2022 onward.

All items use the “ONE PIECE FILM RED” limited visual, and Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hat crew are dressed in special summer festival-specific outfits as they participate in a summer festival held on the music island of Elegia. The lineup also includes tote bags and face towels. The lineup also includes tote bags and face towels for everyday use.

The tote bags are available in two designs, one with a Shanks design and the other with a Straw Hat design. The colors are kept to a minimum so that they can be used in everyday fashion, creating a casual look.

The face towel is also available in two types, similar to the tote bag. The Shanks design is unified with the colors symbolizing red hair to give a cool impression, while the Straw Hat gang design incorporates the image colors of each character. The colorful, festival-inspired colors are fun to use.

Other items include a clear flat pouch with a Strawhat Design, a trapezoidal pouch, a Nami & Robin compact mirror with different designs on both sides, a Uta-designed accessory case with mirror, a leather key ring with Uta, Shanks & Strawhat Designs, a clear multi-case with Shanks Designs A clear multi-case with a Shanks design, a clear horizontal multi-case (L) with a Strawhatchee design, and character stickers (12 kinds in total) with standing figures from the limited movie visuals are among the lively lineup.

In addition, a follow & RT campaign is being conducted on the official Twitter page of Thank Mart. The campaign will be held from July 28, 16:00 to August 12, 23:59 to win Mubicicke advance tickets and collaboration goods.

Panels featuring characters from “ONE PIECE FILM RED” will also be available nationwide at Thank you Mart stores. Each store will have a different panel, such as “Luffy & Zoro,” “Nami & Usopp,” and “Shanks & Uta. Thank Mart is going to be dyed in ONE PIECE color this summer.

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Thank Mart “ONE PIECE FILM RED” collaboration product lineup
Tote bag: 643 yen (including tax)
Face towel: 429 yen (tax included)
Clear flat pouch: 429 yen (including tax)
Trapezoid pouch: 429 yen (including tax)
Compact mirror: 429 yen (including tax)
Small accessory case with mirror: 429 yen (tax included)
Leather key ring: 429 yen (tax included)
Clear multi-case: 429 yen (tax included)
Clear multi-case (L): 429 yen (tax included)
Stickers: 429 yen for a choice of two (2) (tax included)

Collaborations have been increasing recently. I am also looking forward to the movie.

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one piece thank you mart

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