The high-quality figure of Yol from “SPY x FAMILY” is made of clay, with great attention to detail.

spy×family clay

Yol of “SPY x FAMILY” made of clay is an amazing high-quality figure with great attention to detail. I didn’t know clay could go this far!

 Yol’s figure is made of stone clay, but from the outside, it is hard to believe that it is made of clay. The creation of the work with attention to detail starts with the creation of the skeleton. The core of the skeleton is made of clay, not wire.

 Detailed parts of clothing and hair ornaments are molded using the tips of blades and fingernails. After coloring with acrylic paint to avoid unevenness in color, the clay-like appearance is nowhere to be found.

 After all the parts are assembled, the completed figure beautifully reproduces Yol’s supple standing posture. Although it should be hard because it is made of dried clay, it even feels soft like a resin figure. The finished product has received comments of praise from both inside and outside of Japan.

 The clay figure of Yoru was created by hobbyist figure maker Nendomade! who makes figures as a hobby. He has previously made figures in clay for such works as “Blade of Oni no Kai” and “Re: Zero kara Hajimari no Isekai Seikatsu (Starting from Another World).

made of clay

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spy×family clay

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