“ONE PIECE” official warns that newspaper ads commemorating the 25th anniversary “contain spoiler elements” and asks for consideration for posting on social networking sites.

one piece dragon ball

The official Twitter page of “ONE PIECE” announced that “an advertisement related to the future content of the original story” would appear in the morning editions of the Asahi Shimbun and Yomiuri Shimbun on July 22.

Fans who actually saw the advertisement commented, “Oh my God,” “I got a voice,” “I got goosebumps,” and so on.

 The official “ONE PIECE” website warns against purchasing the newspaper as well as spreading the news on SNS through photos and screencaps.

Tweets are restricted to prevent replies, but be careful when viewing them, as spoiler images may be pasted into quoted retweets.

 This meaningful announcement has fans asking, “Hey, what’s going to be on !!!!!?” Is it really that important? What’s so important? Fans who actually saw it expressed their excitement by saying, “I saw it, it’s great,” “I’m so happy to be feeling this in real-time,” and “I bought a newspaper for the first time for this, but I’m so excited.

We definitely want to know about this in comic form!” If you are one of those people, you need to take measures such as staying away from SNS for a while and waiting for the release of JUMP on Monday, or muting the word to avoid spoilers if you are a fan of single issues.


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one piece dragon ball

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