“Dragon Ball Super” Gohan’s new form is the talk of the town! Gohan Beast” is getting rave reviews!

dragonball, gohan beast

On June 29, the official Twitter page of the current blockbuster movie “Dragon Ball Super Hero” revealed the name of Gohan’s new form, and it became a big topic of conversation on the Internet. This time, we will focus on the “Son Gohan Beast” that has emerged as a trending topic.

What is the new form of Gohan Beast?
 The “Dragon Ball Super Hero” movie is the latest in the “Dragon Ball Super” series, the last of which was a mega-hit, grossing 13.5 billion yen at the worldwide box office. Gohan and Piccolo are said to be the focus of the movie, and Gohan’s new form was shown in the post-release PV distributed on June 29. The name of the new form revealed on the same day was ” Son Gohan Beast.

 Gohan as Gohan Beast has silver hair and red eyes. The name “Gohan Beast” is said to have come from “the feeling that the beast inside Gohan has awakened.

 The creator, Akira Toriyama, said that he had originally designed him with a scary face and blue skin, but he felt that it was not what Gohan was supposed to look like, so he ended up just putting his hair up in a big bun and giving him a crisp look, just like he often does.

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dragonball, gohan beast

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