The new “ONE PIECE” Card Game is to be released on July 8!

one piece card game

A new card game “ONE PIECE Card Game” commemorating the 25th anniversary of the serialization of the hit manga “ONE PIECE” went on sale on July 8. Four starter decks will be available: “Straw Hat Gang,” “Worst Generation,” “King’s Seven Samurai,” and “Hyakuju Pirates.” Booster packs will also be released on the 22nd.

This is not the first time that “One Piece” has been adapted into a card game. In fact, this is not the first time that “ONE PIECE” has been made into a card game.

Fans recalling memories of Carddas
Among these, “From TV animation ONE PIECE Card Das Hyper Battle” was released in the early days and is etched in the minds of fans as one of the most powerful memories. With the announcement of this new card game, many people on the Internet are remembering this Hyper Battle. Some said, “I used to be addicted to the Carddas card game collection.

Incidentally, since this card game is a tie-up product with the TV anime, many nostalgic characters have been made into cards, such as Apis, the girl who can talk to dragons that appears in the original anime story “Sennen Ryu Hen” and Eldrago, a Goegoe no Mi no Shiranari who appeared in the first movie “ONE PIECE”. The illustrations on the cards are also made using images from the anime.

Many of the card illustrations also use images from the anime, making this a perfect item for those who want to relive the atmosphere of the “ONE PIECE” anime of that time. If you used to have them, why don’t you go through your closet for the first time in a while?

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one piece card game

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