A series of uploads of spy shots of “Dragon Ball Super” in theaters are illegal.

dragonball upload

On July 4, Toei Co., Ltd. issued a warning letter stating that “This act violates the Motion Picture Voyeurism Prevention Act and the Copyright Act,” as many videos that appear to have been taken at theaters and uploaded have been found on the Internet.

The company said it “will take a strict stance against this action and will not hesitate to take legal action.

 The company is continuing to monitor theaters and apply for the removal of illegally uploaded footage, and is also taking action against voyeurism in consultation with its legal counsel and in cooperation with investigative agencies, with a view to making both criminal and civil cases out of it.

 Dragon Ball Super Hero has grossed over 1.2 billion yen at the box office in its first week of release on June 11.

Illegal uploading is a crime.

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dragonball upload

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