The new “Dragon Ball Super” movie admission bonus is a “script” with five carefully selected scenes of Gohan and Piccolo each.

dragonball movie bonus

The new admission bonus for the movie “Dragon Ball Super Hero” in theaters has been announced.

 The third and fourth admission gifts will be distributed to the general public. The front of the present is a visual board with a selected scene from the many famous scenes in the film, and the back contains the script of the scene.

 You can actually try your hand at voice-recording as Gohan or Piccolo, or you can hang it up at home and relive the famous scene at any time.

 From the 9th, 5 selected scenes of Gohan will be randomly distributed, and from the 16th, 5 selected scenes of Piccolo will be randomly distributed, each of which will be limited to one week.

The planning is also excellent.

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dragonball movie bonus

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