Dragon Ball Super Hero: “Super Awakening” and becoming Orange Piccolo

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It has been announced that Piccolo will “Super Awaken” and become Orange Piccolo in “Dragon Ball Super Super Hero,” the 21st animated film version of the popular “Dragon Ball” series based on Akira Toriyama’s manga.

Piccolo has already been shown in his awakened form after releasing his latent ability, but he will further super-awaken and become Orange Piccolo, whose body will turn orange and grow to giant size.

Mr. Toriyama commented on the design, “This one has no hair to stand on its head, so I made it lumpy. It may be difficult to tell the difference between this one and the normal one, so I made it orange, but even so, there may be situations where it is difficult to tell the difference between this one and the normal one.

 Toriyama also said, “My favorite character is Piccolo because he is quiet and stoic,” and added, “I think I should have exaggerated more, but I am personally pleased that he finally has the fighting power to rival Goku and his friends. Naming him Orange Piccolo, that’s very Piccolo with no sense, isn’t it?” He commented, “I’m glad to finally have a fighting force that can compete with Goku and the others.

 It was also revealed that Cellmax will appear as the “worst of the worst” and that Gohan will manifest his dormant power and become “Gohan Beast”. A PV featuring Gohan Beast, Cellmax, and Orange Piccolo has been released on YouTube.


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the info dragonball super hero

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