“Godzilla-1.0” directed by Takashi Yamazaki, meets the “god” Spielberg: ‘He watched Godzilla three times’

godzilla -1.0

The director of “Godzilla-1.0”, which has been nominated for the Visual Effects Award at the 96th Academy Awards, reported on social media (formerly Twitter) on the 13th, that he had met the esteemed director Steven Spielberg at the Nominees Luncheon, where all the Academy Award nominees gather.

Along with a two-shot with Director Spielberg, Director Yamazaki posted an excited comment: “I met a god. What should I do with this? I’m crying. And he’s watched Godzilla three times. He told me that the characters are good. He also happily received a Godzilla figure…”


The official social media of “Godzilla-1.0” also reported with a photo of Director Spielberg holding a Godzilla figure, “Director Steven Spielberg has watched ‘Godzilla-1.0’ three times!”

Fans have also been sending messages of surprise and congratulations. “Godzilla-1.0”, the first Japanese film to be nominated for the Academy Award for Visual Effects, was released in North America last December, and the black-and-white version “Godzilla-1.0/C” (Godzilla Minus One/Minus Color) was also screened.


The total box office revenue reached $56,418,793 (about 8 billion yen), surpassing the Korean film “Parasite: A Family in Semi-Basement” which won the Academy Award for Best Picture, and recorded a big hit as the third highest grossing non-English film in history. (Figures are from Box Office Mojo, calculated at 1 dollar = 145 yen)

This year’s luncheon was held as usual at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on the 12th local time. From Japan, Hiroshi Yakusho, who is nominated for the International Feature Film Award for “PERFECT DAYS”, also attended.

The 96th Academy Awards ceremony will be held at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles on March 10th, local time.

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godzilla -1.0

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