The movie “Godzilla-1.0” has surpassed 14 billion yen in worldwide box office revenue, surprising even director Takashi Yamazaki.


The actors Ryunosuke Kamiki (30) and Minami Hamabe (23) reported this achievement during the celebratory stage greeting for the movie’s huge success, which took place in Tokyo on the 12th.

“Godzilla” has captivated audiences not only in Japan, but worldwide since its inception in 1954, marking it as a monumental creature film. This work is positioned as the 70th anniversary of the series and is the first Godzilla film of the Reiwa era, as well as a milestone as the 30th live-action Godzilla film produced in Japan.

Ryunosuke Kamiki

As of January 11, the film had grossed 5.21 billion yen domestically over 70 days, with audience attendance surpassing 3.99 million people. In North America, the film grossed over 49.74 million dollars (approximately 7.2 billion yen) in 41 days up to January 10, recording the second-highest gross for a Japanese film, including animations, in North America. Furthermore, excluding Japan, the worldwide box office surpassed 61.10 million dollars (approximately 8.8 billion yen), bringing the total worldwide box office to 14 billion yen.

Following the massive success, Kamiki expressed his gratitude saying, “From the first day, I have been receiving messages from my fellow actors, staff who I have worked with, and relatives, saying ‘I watched it, for the second time, third time.'” He also shared his joy at the continuous stream of comments and posts on social media every day.

Hamabe also shared her happiness, “Even at the launch of other works, I get asked about ‘Godzilla.’ My mom said, ‘I cried so much.’ She usually says she doesn’t like movies where I’m scared, but she reacted far beyond my expectation, which made me happy. I was surprised that it reached my mom.”

Additionally, director Takashi Yamazaki attended remotely from America. He’s currently involved in activities for various award nominations and expressed his disbelief saying, “It’s unbelievable.” When asked about any setbacks, he confidently said, “None,” and expressed his joy, “Sometimes I feel like it’s a dream that I’m in America right now. Many things are going well, which is rare, so I want to savor it.”

On this day, the screening of “Godzilla-1.0/C” in black and white began. Kamiki commented, “With the release of the black and white version, it becomes a different experience. I’m looking forward to hearing new impressions about how the expression changes without color.”

At this event, which marked the beginning of the 70th anniversary year, in addition to Kamiki and Hamabe, Yuki Yamada, Kuranosuke Sasaki, and Mio Tanaka also appeared on stage.

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