Former Morning Musume’s Reina Tanaka: “Men are so simple? lol, “I am addicted to Dragon Ball.

Reina Tanaka Dragonball

Former Morning Musume member Reina Tanaka (32) updated her Twitter on March 23. She commented on Krillin, a character in the popular manga “DRAGON BALL,” saying, “Are men really this simple? She amused her fans by commenting.

 On her blog on February 22, she reported on her second viewing of “Dragon Ball Super Super Hero,” which is currently in theaters, and wrote about her impressions of the series.

Then she wrote, “Actually, I’ve never really watched anime before, and the day before yesterday I started watching Dragon Ball Kai! I’m already up to episode 60 in no time!”

On Twitter, while she was excited about the episode, she also wrote, “Dragon Ball Kai episode 73: Krillin gets red when he remembers how No. 18 kissed him and hesitates to destroy him…is it really that simple for a man? She then commented on the beginning of the relationship between the two, who would later become husband and wife, saying, “If you look back at the story after you know the ending, it’s interesting that there are quite a few scenes that give away the ending. “

“I don’t want to be absorbed by Cell in the next episode, and I don’t like the visual of No. 17.

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Reina Tanaka Dragonball

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