Leiji Matsumoto Dies “Matsumoto Anime” Supported Abroad; Daft Punk Admired, Matsumoto Created Music Video

Leiji Matsumoto Daft Punk

Renowned manga artist Leiji Matsumoto, known for works such as “Galaxy Express 999,” passed away from acute heart failure on the 13th at a hospital in Tokyo.

He was 85 years old and originally from Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture.

A private funeral has already been held for immediate family members, with a farewell gathering planned for a later date.

Matsumoto became deeply involved in TV anime and anime films as a mechanical designer for “Space Battleship Yamato,” which aired on TV in 1974.

He then became known as a hitmaker in the anime industry, starting with the film adaptation of “Yamato” in 1977, and his space-themed “Matsumoto Anime,” including “Yamato” and “Galaxy Express 999,” became serialized and a social phenomenon that captured the hearts of children and adults alike, with the axis of “love and peace.”

“Matsumoto Anime” was widely popular overseas as well.


The French dance music duo “Daft Punk,” known for world hit songs such as “One More Time” and “Get Lucky,” admired Matsumoto and made headlines by having him design the music video for “One More Time” released in 2000 and the Japanese edition jacket for their 2001 album “Discovery.”

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Leiji Matsumoto Daft Punk

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