“Sentai Daishikkaku” will be adapted into a TV anime!

sentai daishikkaku anime

An unpredictable hero battle “Sentai Daishikkaku” by Haruba Negi of the very popular comic series “The Bride of the Fifth Class”, which has sold over 20 million copies in total, is to be adapted into a TV anime.

The powerful SP project video and mysterious first visual have now been released.

The main character is D (Dee), a nameless fighter who fights as a lowly soldier of the defeated monsters who repeatedly invade the ground every weekend.

The Dragon Keeper squadron has stopped the invasion of the monsters and is the envy of all mankind, but this battle is a farce in which the monsters are obliged to lose.

Finally, a nameless fighter, D, rises up to crush the ridiculous Super Sentai, which allows the monsters to do whatever they want.

The original story is written by Haruba, who boasts of his immense popularity among fans as an “unpredictable storyteller.

The film is directed by hit maker Keiichi Sato, who also directed the live-action film “Black Butler” (14), as well as the popular animated TV series “TIGER & BUNNY” and “Inuyashiki”.

The SP project film released this time begins with the floating castle of the monsters who plan to invade the ground.

It then depicts Combatant D taking on the Red Keeper, a member of a large squad, and other attractive characters full of intrigue and crookedness, as well as the Red Keeper with a fearless smile and powerful special moves.

And who is the mysterious boy mimicked by Combatant D who appears at the end?

The first visual, which was also released, depicts Combatant D transforming into a mysterious beautiful boy using his mimicry ability in front of the word “SENTAI” in five different colors and the catch copy that asks, “Who decides between justice and evil? Again, the true identities of Combatant D and the beautiful boy are of great interest.

Director Satou said, “I decided to accept the director’s offer after seeing only one line of dialogue. ‘Isn’t it good to have a ‘monster wins once in a while? The monster wins.

Expectations are growing for a new type of hero animation.

Comments from the original author and staff

Haruba Negi (original author)

Thank you very much for choosing Sentai Daishikkaku as the original work. Manga production is sometimes a grueling and lonely process, like throwing a ball into an empty space. In the midst of all this, I felt rewarded by the anime adaptation, as if I had been given the opportunity to throw the ball back. I look forward to seeing the uncool and cool Combatant D in action. To the readers who have read my work so far. I was able to keep throwing the ball because you were all there across the way. I will continue to throw the ball as hard as I can to keep up with the anime, so I would be happy if you could continue to pick it up.

Keiichi Sato (Director)

I have worked on many HERO films, but I decided to accept the offer to direct after seeing a single line of dialogue.
I was thinking, “Isn’t it good to have that every once in a while? The monster wins.”
I’ll try to make this hot cry come true through the main character, the monster D, and I’ll try to cheat and act out! I’ll be waiting for you soon!

Keiischi Sato

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sentai daishikkaku anime

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