“ONE PIECE FILM RED” 100-day commemorative video released.

one piece film red

Playback of “ONE PIECE FILM RED” so far with the song “New Era” by Uta (sung by Ado)!

“ONE PIECE FILM RED” celebrated its 100th day in theaters on November 13th. The film’s 100th day commemorative video, “ONE PIECE FILM RED,” unveils the trajectory of “ONE PIECE FILM RED” up to now.

The film’s theme song, “Shinjidai,” which hit the music charts immediately after its release, plays back the film’s history in this video.

The production of this film was announced on November 21, 2021, the day of the broadcast of the 1000th episode of the “One Piece” TV anime.

Since the beginning of the year, we have received numerous “surprises” that have made us look forward to its release, such as special reports, main visuals, trailers, artists, and music video projects.

On July 22, the world premiere was held at the Nippon Budokan, a sacred place for music, and events were also held in France and the United States. The film has been a worldwide sensation.

Since its launch in November last year, “ONE PIECE FILM RED” has been unveiled more than 80 times and events have been held until the 100th day of its release. This video, which introduces some of the film’s history, is sure to relive the excitement of the film up until now.

Check it out!


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one piece film red

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