Movie Ranking: “Dragon Ball Super Super Hero” debuted at No. 1!

dragonball movie

The second film adaptation of the TV animation “Dragon Ball Super” that has been on air since 2015, “Dragon Ball Super Hero,” took the top spot for the first time with 498,000 moviegoers and 670 million yen in revenue in its first week. The film was the first to top the box office in its first week.

“Top Gun Maverick” starring Tom Cruise, which had been No. 1 for two consecutive weeks since its release, came in a close second with 418,000 weekends Saturday and Sunday attendance and 669 million yen in box-office revenue, despite recording very high numbers. However, the film continues to be in excellent form with a cumulative total of 2.83 million mobilized and box-office revenue of over 4.3 billion yen.

 In third place, “Shin Ultraman,” in its fifth week of release, drew 126,000 on Saturday and Sunday and grossed 203 million yen on the weekend. In total, the film drew 2.39 million people and grossed over 3.5 billion yen.

 Animated films ranked 4th to 7th, with “The Bride of the Five Brides” in its fourth week of release and “Detective Conan: Bride of Halloween” in its ninth week of release in fifth place.

At No. 6 was “Detective Conan: The Movie,” based on the popular comic series that won the 66th Shogakukan Manga Award (for boys) in 2021 and has sold more than 11 million copies in total, and the film version of the TV animation series that aired for three seasons from 2018, “The Movie In seventh place was “Mobile Suit Gundam: The Island of Cruz Doan,” which dropped four places from last week.

 In addition, “Crayon Shin-chan Mononoke Ninja Chinpuden,” which entered its eighth week of release at No. 9, drew a total of 1.61 million viewers and grossed over 1.9 billion yen, reaching the 2 billion yen mark.

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dragonball movie

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