The eighth admission bonus for the One Piece movie is a ‘Special Shanks Volume 104 Replacement Cover’.

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As the eighth admission present for the One Piece Film RED theatre animation, a ‘Special Shanks Volume 104 Replacement Cover’, illustrated by the original author Eiichiro Oda, will be distributed in a limited edition of 500,000 copies nationwide from 12 November.

 The ‘Special Shanks Volume 104 Replacement Cover’, an entrance bonus for the 104th volume of the comics released on 4 November, shows young Luffy and Uta clinging to Shanks and playing with each other. The expression on Shanks’ face shows his tender feelings for Luffy and Uta, and behind the three of them are “those brothers”.

The design is based on the first volume of the original comics, as the current One Piece Film Red depicts an episode leading up to the first volume of the original comics, before Luffy is given the straw hat by Shanks.

 ”ONE PIECE FILM RED”, for which Mr. Oda is the general producer, revolves around the shocking fact that the world’s most loved singer, Utah, is the daughter of the red-haired Shanks.

The film was released on 6 August and drew 1.57 million people and grossed over 2.25 billion yen in two days on 6 and 7 August, making it the number one opening weekend film in 2022 in terms of attendance and box-office revenue over two days on Saturday and Sunday.

In its 80 days of release, the film has attracted 12.5 million people and earned over 17.38 billion yen at the box office.

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one piece film red info

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