‘Patariro!’ BD-BOX release commemorates the 40th anniversary of the TV animation series, including the film version.

patariro anime

A Blu-ray BOX commemorating the 40th anniversary of the anime written by Mineo Maya, ‘Patariro! will be released on 25 January 2023 by Frontier Works. The price is 26,950 yen including tax.

The Blu-ray BOX includes the anime ‘Patariro! and ‘Boku Patariro! 49 episodes, and the 1983 film version of ‘Patariro! Stardust Project’ on two Blu-ray Discs, each disc containing approximately 11 hours of footage. The video is in high-rate SD quality, digitally remastered from the original master. Included as extras are a reproduction mini-color paper with a new illustration by Mayo and a special booklet. Take the opportunity to watch it all at once.


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patariro anime

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