“ONE PIECE FILM RED” Uta’s self-made figure-making video is a hit.

one piece film red

On the popular hobby-related YouTube channel “Eeyan EEYAN,” a video showing the creation of a self-made figure of “Uta,” a character and heroine from the hit anime film “ONE PIECE FILM RED,” has been released and has attracted the attention of fans.

 The channel profile of “Eeyan EEYAN” states that it is a “channel that makes three-dimensional figures of ONE PIECE,” and in fact, it has made many figures of the same work up to now. Eiichiro Oda, the author of the original manga, is also aware of the channel. As of September 25, it has over 340,000 registered users, partly due to its introduction in the 98th volume of the manga.

 Uta, the motif of this movie, is an original character in “ONE PIECE FILM RED” and is known as the world’s diva with the ability of “Uta-Uta no Mi” (the fruit of Uta-Uta). Even before the movie’s release, information that she is “Shanks’ daughter” had been circulating among fans, and there was a lot of talk about her as a character that will greatly impact our understanding of the movie.

 The video shows how Uta drew a rough illustration of the character and sculpted it with clay. From the lively expression on Uta’s face to even the wrinkles in his clothes, the quality of the work is expressed in such detail that it is no wonder viewers commented, “I wish they would sell this as an official product.

 The most impressive feature of the video is the background. As the video title says, “‘I am the strongest’ Uta who uses Uta-Uta’s ability,” staves of music and colorful musical notes are placed around Uta, creating a gorgeous and powerful visual. The creator’s sense of style is evident not only in the modeling of the figures but also in the treatment of accessories and backgrounds.


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one piece film red

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