Three types of ‘Dragon Ball Super’ artisanal handmade Edo faceted glass on sale.

dragonball glasses

Three types of Edo faceted glasses featuring Son Goku, Son Gohan, and Piccolo are on sale to celebrate the release of the film Dragon Ball Super Super Hero, based on an original story by Akira Toriyama. The glasses are limited to 590 pieces each and are on sale at the PREMICO online shop.

The Edo faceted glasses are made of colored glass with the image of each character on the glass, with the figure of the character performing a special move and a traditional pattern to match the character’s image. Goku’s glass is engraved with the Shippo pattern, which represents amicable relationships and the prosperity of offspring, while the cut-out at the bottom of the glass represents the Kamehameha wave.

Gohan’s glass is engraved with a hemp leaf pattern, which represents growth and strong vitality, and the cut-out at the bottom of the glass expresses a chi bullet. All three glasses have a sandblasted design of a sacred dragon on the other side of the character. The bottom of the glass has seven dragon balls and an edition number.

The glasses are handmade one by one by craftsmen from a long-established workshop affiliated with the Edo Kiriko Cooperative. The glasses are priced at 32,780 yen each including tax and are delivered in a paulownia wood box with a four-star ball design.

I think they will sell out soon.

ドラゴンボール超 スーパーヒーロー 江戸切子グラス<全3種>/プレミアムキャラクターグッズ通販サイト「PREMICO」プレミコ (

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dragonball glasses

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