Illegal uploading of “Dragon Ball” in public has become serious.

dragonball illegal upload

On April 4, Toei, the distributor of the movie “Dragon Ball Super Super Hero,” released a document stating that it is taking action against illegal uploads of the movie “Dragon Ball Super Hero” with a view to making a case against the movie as an infringement against copyright law. The number of illegal uploads has reached approximately 3,000 in the 10 days of its release.

(Shinbo) In short, it is voyeurism. Today’s cameras are getting smaller and smaller, and their performance is improving, so even if you take an image of a screen in a dark movie theater, you can see it clearly. On the other hand, movie companies can no longer leave illegal uploads unattended because they are starting to cause considerable real damage.

As the commercial “NO MORE MOVIE THEFT” shown in movie theaters before the main feature film has enlightened us, voyeurism and illegal uploading of movies is a very serious offense, punishable by imprisonment for up to 10 years or a fine of up to 10 million yen, or both. You may be casually taking voyeuristic photos and uploading them illegally without thinking much about it, but please be aware that it is a serious crime.

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dragonball illegal upload

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