Anime Film “Your Color” Featuring Original Theme Song by Mr.Children in New Official Trailer

your color movie

The official trailer for the animated film “Your Color” has been released on YouTube, revealing that the theme song is “in the pocket,” an original song written by Mr.Children.

Directed by Naoko Yamada and scripted by Reiko Yoshida, who previously collaborated on “Tamako Love Story” and “Liz and the Blue Bird,” the film features a girl named Totsuko Higurashi who can see people’s emotions as colors. She forms a band with Kimi Sakunaga, a girl who emits beautiful colors, and Rui Kagehira, a boy who loves music, and they bond at an old church on a remote island. Sayu Suzukawa voices Totsuko, Akari Takaishi (written with a high “taka” character) voices Kimi, Taisei Kido voices Rui, and Yui Aragaki voices Sister Hiyoshiko, who guides the trio. The cast also includes Yasuko, Aoi Yuki, Minako Kotobuki, and Keiko Toda.

The trailer, featuring the theme song, begins with Totsuko inviting Kimi and Rui to join the band. It shows the three sharing their “likes” and “secrets” and striving in their band activities, with Hiyoshiko’s words, “We can start over as many times as we need,” included.

Kazutoshi Sakurai of Mr.Children shared his thoughts: “The protagonists of this movie seem as delicate as pottery before it’s fired, likely to break with just a little pressure. In other words, they are soft and supple. I hope the protagonists can soar gracefully and strongly with that delicacy and softness intact. With this wish, I recorded the song.”


Naoko Yamada commented on “in the pocket”: “It felt like a sudden beam of light piercing through blurred clouds. It was dazzling, but with a clear outline, and I felt it was music with a vivid color. However, upon listening again, I noticed ambiguous colors too, realizing that this song is a collection of various colors.

Listening to Mr.Children’s music makes me think about the ‘someone’ depicted from the protagonist’s perspective. Whether it’s ‘her’ or ‘a friend,’ it makes me feel connected to my admired ones or share feelings of heartbreak. Their songs convey unfamiliar places and scents like watching a movie. I never imagined I would hear and see the world reflected in Sakurai’s eyes in ‘Your Color.’

When I first met Sakurai during a meeting, he showed me a rescued fledgling sparrow with a crumpled smile, and I felt his tender strength, deciding to trust him completely.”


Producer Genki Kawamura added: “‘Your Color’ is a story about Totsuko, who sees people as ‘colors,’ forming a band with Kimi, who dropped out of school, and Rui, who is worried about his future education. However, like the diverse colors in this world, the movie expands deeply and broadly both outside and within its story. To express these ‘colors,’ I wanted to incorporate the power of music alongside Naoko Yamada’s delicate visual expression.

When we looked for an artist to musically express what the youth in ‘Your Color’ feel and see while playing instruments in a small town, we thought of no one but Mr.Children, who embody ‘adults like children.’ When Sakurai showed us the rescued fledgling during our first meeting, it felt like we found our direction without even speaking.

I look forward to the day this movie, with its pure and powerful theme song, takes flight into the world like that fledgling.”


“Your Color” will be released nationwide on August 30th.

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your color movie

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