How far will the live action “ONE PIECE” Season 2 go? Chopper reproduction has also been a focus of research.

one piece live action

The live-action version of “ONE PIECE” (Netflix) attracted a great deal of attention worldwide, even before its distribution began. Once the big title was unleashed on the global entertainment market, the buzz spread quickly, and a “great pirate era” began, just as it did in the movie. You must be one of those who arrived on this page.

 After quickly completing all eight episodes, everyone must have been hoping that there would be a “sequel = season 2”. The story depicted in the drama is just the beginning of the original manga. The story ends just as they are about to head for the “Grand Line. We must have been convinced of the existence of a “sequel” and dreamed of the journey of the Straw Hat gang led by Luffy. Now we have received official information that a “sequel” is in the works. Although it will take a long time before we get to see it, we cannot stop our hearts from pounding.

 According to official Netflix information, the film has achieved 37.8 million VIEWS (= total viewing time divided by total length of the film) in less than two weeks since it was released and is in the top 10 in 93 countries around the world. It is said to dominate the current entertainment world at a level unparalleled in Netflix history, ranking first among 46 countries, including Japan. ONE PIECE” has been developed into all kinds of media mixes, including TV animation, movies, video games, and Kabuki, but in terms of scale, it is probably the largest of them.

 Now, what is of interest in the “Season 2” sequel is what part of the original manga will be portrayed in the live-action drama. Those who have already watched “Season 1” know that the drama was based on various changes. Although the drama is based on the original manga up to the 11th volume, some characters appear only briefly, while others do not appear in the original manga. On the other hand, some of the characters who did not appear in the previous 11 volumes appeared to play very important roles. To put it bluntly, since Creek, the leader of the Navy, makes (almost) no appearance, Garp, Luffy’s grandfather, makes an appearance, and Coby, who plays a major role later in the original story, always occupies an important position, anything can happen in the “sequel.”

 In a special video announcing the decision to produce the “sequel,” Eiichiro Oda, the author of the original manga, personally hinted that Tony Tony Tony Chopper, the fifth member of the Straw Hat crew, would appear in the film. Chopper is one of the most popular characters in “One Piece,” and he is a reindeer who eats “Hitohito no Mi” Hitohito no Mi’(Hitohito’s fruit). Since Aaron and the other fishmen were sculpted in a very realistic manner, it would be very interesting to see what kind of image would be created for Chopper. Luffy and his friends meet on heavy snow. If they were to seriously recreate that drum kingdom, it would take up the entire “Season 2” by itself.

 In the original story, Luffy and his friends met Bibi, one of their eternal friends, before they met Chopper, even though they did not sail together. Their encounter with her, the princess of the Kingdom of Alabaster, leads to a battle with the secret criminal company B.W.. (Baroque Works). This one is set in the desert and other places and is at a level where it would not be surprising if the entire “Season 2” were used only for this. In any case, there is no doubt that the scale will be further increased, and expectations for the birth of a reconstructed “ONE PIECE” with what kind of changes will only increase.

 To begin with, although few “devil’s fruit” abilities appeared in “Season 1,” from now on, there will be many abilities, including Chopper’s, in the series. In addition, before entering the Grand Line, Navy Colonel Smoker, the “Moku Moku no Mi, ” who showed up only briefly in the last episode, will stand in front of Luffy and his friends. …… As a fan, ” season 2″ is filled with many exciting concerns.

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one piece live action

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