Today (2nd Aug.), the latest song “Ameotome” by Raon, born in South Korea, was released for streaming at 18:00.

raon amaotome

Raon has been deeply inspired by Japanese anime and culture, and she has uploaded numerous anime songs and J-POP cover videos on her YouTube channel. In February of this year, she celebrated her first anniversary since her major debut, and in April, she released her first cover album. Currently, her YouTube channel has surpassed 4.43 million subscribers with over 1 billion views.

The new song “Ameotome” is her 6th original single. She is known for her songs like “Dokuzu,” composed by popular Vocaloid producer “Nakiso.”

This song revolves around the theme of a yokai (supernatural creature) called “Ameotome” or “Rain Woman.” It hauntingly portrays the feelings of a betrayed woman through eerie whispering vocals. The peculiar and creepy yet addictive rhythm makes it a song that lingers in the listener’s mind.

Additionally, alongside the song’s release, the official YouTube channel has also premiered the music video. The video weaves together unsettling illustrations and lyrics, creating an animated music video that unfolds with intrigue. The changing expressions in the video are also worth noting.

Release Information: New Song: “Ameotome” Available for streaming from today.


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raon amaotome

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